Appendix 2 to the order in accordance with Art. 28 Paras. 2 and 4 GDPR


The listed subcontractors are used to operate the services and software solutions offered by Synesty.

Company Purpose
Hetzner Online GmbH, Gunzenhausen The partial service provided by Hetzner is the hosting of the servers for the provision and operation of the Synesty Studio software at locations within the Federal Republic of Germany. data: IP addresses, cookies (for the operation of the website and tracking), company and communication data of the client (names and email addresses of contact persons, address data, circumstance ID no.) as well as all data which the client himself processes with the Synesty Studio software.
Domainfactory GmbH Hosting of the Synesty website including contact form. Data centre within Germany. data: IP addresses, cookies (for operating the website and tracking), contact data when using the contact form (email address)
Google LLC Company internal communication services such as email (Gmail, GSuite), communication f. sales, marketing, support/project commissioning.
Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Cloud data storage (S3), data center Germany. data: Intermediate storage of files by customers within the Synesty software (e.g. when using so-called flow variables or email send function. The file content is the responsibility of the customer and cannot be influenced by Synesty, but could potentially contain personal data)
Freshworks GmbH (Freshdesk) Support ticket system for the administration of inquiries with support, sales or project reference. data: All data provided by clients in the context of customer support or project support, such as contact data (email address, first name, last name), file attachments. The content and file contents are the responsibility of the Principal and cannot be influenced by Synesty, but could potentially contain personal data. (Data Processing Addendum)