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  Description Price per month1 Test period
API Connector Tools
Connect to any HTTP-based REST, XML or JSON APIs.

Add-On zur Anbindung von idealo DIREKTKAUF an beliebige Systeme.

Idealo Webservice
Add-On zur Anbindung von idealo Webservice an beliebige Systeme.

Plentymarkets Schnittstelle
Automate data exchange like stock and price updates between plentymarkets and external systems.

Automatisieren Sie den Datenaustausch zwischen weclapp ERP und externen Systemen.

Binden Sie Tradebyte an externe Systeme an und automatisieren Sie den Datenaustausch.

Veloconnect Schnittstelle
Connect to suppliers via veloconnect to automate stock and price updates, product import or create re-orders.

Fashion Cloud
Automatisieren Sie Content-Abgleich und Nachbestellungen zwischen Fashion Cloud und Ihrem System.

Schnittstelle zum pricemonitor von patagona zur automatisierten Preisoptimierung für Online-Vertriebskanäle.

Abruf von Mitbewerberpreisen auf Preissuchmaschinen und Marktplätzen über die priceAPI Schnittstelle (Version 2) von Metoda.

BENY Repricing / Preisoptimierung
BENY Repricing Schnittstelle zur automatisierten Preisoptimierung für alle Online-Vertriebskanäle.

Amazon Seller Central
Amazon Seller Central zur Automatisierung von Prozessen für Listings, Bestellungen und Reports. Diese Anbindung unterstützt auch Amazon Business.

Google Shopping
Verbessern Sie die Datenqualität Ihrer Datenfeeds für Google Shopping und Google AdWords.

Amazon Vendor Central EDI
Anbindung an die Amazon Vendor EDI Schnittstelle, um Auftragsabwicklung und Lieferung an Amazon zu automatisieren.

Mit diesen Add-On realisieren Sie eine Anbindung an das Vergleichsportal CHECK24.de

Add-On zur Anbindung an pipedrive CRM.

Schnittstelle zu shipcloud zur automatisierten Erstellung oder Vorbereitung von Versandlabels für verschiedene Versanddienstleister.

Shopware Schnittstelle
Automate stock or price updates between shopware and external systems or create exports for product, order and customer data.

Magento Schnittstelle
Automate data exchange between Magento and external systems for stock and price updates and data exports.

Magento 2
Datenaustausch zwischen Magento 2 und externen Systemen.

Datenaustausch zwischen shopify und externen Systemen. Produkte anlegen, Bestandsabgleich, Bestellungen, Kundendaten, Preise aktualisieren.

Datenaustausch zwischen WooCommerce und externen Systemen automatisieren.

Datenaustausch zwischen ITscope und externen Systemen. Produktinformationen sowie Preis- und Verfügbarkeitsupdates abrufen.

GTX SMS Versand
SMS versenden mit GTX Messaging.

Versenden von Nachrichten über die beliebte Team-Kommunikations-App Slack.

Informatica AddressDoctor
Address validation with the Informatica AddressDoctor Webservice API

PriceMinister Schnittstelle
Connect to the PriceMinister marketplace, create listings, update stock and prices or export orders.

Marktplatz Anbindung an real.de zur Automatisierung von Artikel-Listing und Auftragsexport and Backend-Systeme.

Marktplatz Anbindung an ebay zur Automatisierung von Auftragsdaten-Management und Listing-Updates.

Manage recipient import and export for Newsletter2Go.

Anbindung von Afterbuy an externe Systeme zum Austausch von Produktdaten und Bestellungen.

Anbindung von JTL-WaWi an externe Systeme.


Download and upload of files with your Dropbox Account.

Google Drive
Exchange data with your GoogleDrive account.

Microsoft OneDrive
Exchange data with your Microsoft OneDrive account.

Übersetzen von Texten mit Hilfe der DeepL Translation API.

Amazon S3
Upload and Download of Files to a Amazon Simple Storage (S3) Account.

Email Messaging
Abruf, Verarbeitung und Versand von Emails mit Anhängen über eigene Mailserver.

Drucken Sie PDF Dokumente über den Cloud Printing Service von PrintNode automatisiert aus.

Add-On zur Anbindung der Klick-Tipp E-MAIL Marketing-Lösung an beliebige Systeme.

Einlesen von Katalogdaten im BMEcat-Format (v1.2 und 2005)

Daten von Twitter abrufen.

Useful tools for advanced users.

Abruf von Geo-Information zu Postleitzahlen (PLZ).

Neue Features und Steps vor Release im beta-Stadium.

Base features for Synesty Studio.



Templates contain pre-built examples which help you to get started quick and easy.

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You want unlimited runs and individual scheduling?
Then you need a Flow for 79.00 EUR per month 1

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When your limits are exceeded you can increase them individually with Upgrades.

Configure limits

(pro Flow erhalten Sie 1 zusätzlichen Export-Step)

Output Steps


Traffic (MB)

Datastore storage (records)



Service and Support

You need support setting up your flows or implementing a larger integration?

More information about Service and Support


Frequently asked questions.

Synesty is a cloud-middleware for automating processes and connecting systems. It allows you to connect your Cloud-apps without programming with a simple drag&drop interface.
Learn more about Use-cases.
Yes. You start with the free trial period. As long as you do not actively purchase anything, no costs will apply. The free trial period also ends as soon as you start purchasing a base-pack or Add-Ons. More information about the FREE Trial
Yes. Within this unlimited trial period for new customers you can try and play around with all Add-Ons and Steps for free without purchasing anything. Only functionality is limited, so that productive use is not possible (e.g. limitation to max. 25 rows and records which can be processed)

Also after the free trial period you can test each Add-On in your Sandbox, before purchasing.

More information about the FREE Trial
You always have full control over all stored data in your account. You are the data owner (data ownership). There are several export-functions you can use at any time, to backup and delete ALL your data. More information about how Synesty handles privacy can be found here.
  • Base-packs, Add-Ons, Upgrades: You need at least one base-pack. A base-pack contains a basic setup of flows, export-steps, runs, traffic and records. Add-Ons contain new steps, functions and features for creating flows and automations. Upgrades you need to increase your individual single limits when you have exceeded them.
  • Flow: is an executable automated process you create. It contains steps. A flow is comparable to receipe in a cookbook, containing instructions which are executed sequentially.
  • Run: is a single execution of a flow. If you run a single flow 1 x per day you need 31 runs per month.
  • Traffic: The amount of data you transfer between by running flows (incoming and outgoing) will be counted per month. Each base pack contains a monthly limit of inclusive traffic.
  • Datastore-storage: You can store data in Datastores, if you want to store data inside Synesty Studio. The number of records you can store is limited by your base pack. Records are stored in datastores and datastores are basically like databases or tables with rows and columns. The columns can be customized to store any kind of textual or numerical data like product data with 'title', 'description', 'stock', 'price' etc. You can use Flows to save, update and read from datastores. But: the rows you are reading from external sources, processing or exporting are unlimited (Except during the FREE test period).
  • Export-Step: is a step writing data to another system. The number of Export-Steps is limited depending on the base-pack. You can also purchase Upgrades to increase this limit. If you purchase a Flow-upgrade then you get one additional export-step for each flow. All other steps (Input & Processing) are NOT limited. Export-Steps are marked with the symbol.
    Examples: FTPUpload, UpdateProductData, UpdateStock etc. are typical Export-Steps.
    Show a list of all billable Export-Steps
If you have exceeded any of your limits (Export-Steps, flows, runs, traffic or records), flows will stop to run. When that happens you can try to remove any of the above to get below your limits again or you can purchase a higher package or upgrade.

About Synesty Studio:
Synesty Studio is a cloud-software you are renting monthly - so calledSoftware-as-a-Service. The cost depend are usage based. Depending on your specific requirements you need a combination of Base-packs, Add-Ons, Runs, Traffic and Records.

Example Scenario:
Let's say you want to update the stock of 5000 products of your shop system every 4 hours. The data will be provided in a CSV file via FTP. You also want to recognize when there are new products in the CSV file. For that you need to store the records in a datastore.

That means you need 5000 rows of datastore storage, file transfer from FTP and functionality from the shop Add-On. All of this can be accomplished in 1 flow. Running this flow every 4h results in 186 flows per month.

Divide your requirements into single executable and automizable processes - that is what we call Flows. For example, write down all your interacting systems on a sheet of paper and draw an arrow each for every process (e.g. transfer data from A to B). Each arrow could represent a flow.

Think about how often you want to run a flow. Multiply this with the number of days in the month to estimate the required number of runs per month. Remember that you can also skip hours or days to save runs. Alternativly you can trigger flows manually or via URL from an external application.

Data Traffic is hard to estimate. Each file or API is different. Just use the trial period to runs flows and get a feeling the amount of traffic needed. The flow event-log shows the used traffic after each run.

Datastore Records
It depends on your specific use case if you need to store data or not. Example: In some use cases when importing data you need to find out whether a record is new records or already exists. In this case it is needed to store data in datastores, so that you can make this distinction.

Each time you use a Step which creates a usable output (e.g. a file, FTP-Upload or a webservice call) this step is considered an Export-Step. In average flows have 2 Export-Steps, but you need to try, as it depends on your requirements.

We recommend to use the free trial period to get familiar the Add-Ons and with the application and determine what you need. Also after the free trial period you can test each Add-On in your Sandbox.

Yes. You can configure the scheduling so that you can skip specific hours and days. This can save runs and reduce monthly cost.

Starting at the Starter-pack it is also possible to trigger Flows via URL from external applications. This gives you even more control about when and how often flows are executed.

We offer the following payment methods:

SEPA-Direct Debit (Single Euro Payments Area)
For customers in the European Union you can grant the Synesty GmbH a SEPA-direct-debit-mandate. You can enter your bank details (IBAN, BIC) in your 'My Account' area. All invoices will then be paid using these bank details. The invoice payment is automatically fetched from your bank account 14 days (at the earliest) after the invoice date. You will be informed with an email-notification when there is a new invoice. The notification also shows an estimated date when the payment will be fetched.

You can also use PayPal which can be setup in your 'My Account' area. The setup process will redirect you to your PayPal account where you login and confirm that Synesty is authorized to fetch the future invoice amounts from your PayPal account. This process is called PayPal Reference Transaction.
Note: Packs, Add-Ons and Upgrades will be described as Add-Ons below.

Contract term 1 Month: The regular billing period is one full month. Normally you will receive the invoice at the last day of the month. If you purchase an add-on not on the first day of the month, then the billing period is 30 days. The billing period will be automatically adjusted to the full month (from 1. to the last day) within the next month. This adjustment process simplifies the whole billing process with the goal that we can send you a single invoice per month instead of many small invoices.

Contract term more than 1 Month: For contract terms longer than 1 month the following rules apply: You will receive the invoice at the same day of the purchase for the complette billing-period (pre-paid). (e.g. for a contract term of 12 month your invoice will contain the full amount for one year.)

The invoice amount is due 14 days after invoice date and will be fetched with the configured payment method.

Example: Upgrade from Starter to Plus
As soon as you book the Plus-Base-Pack your existing Starter will be canceled to the end of the billing period (usually end of month). The Starter continues running out until the end of the billing period and is canceled afterwards. It is recommended to switch switch base-packs at the end of the billing period.


Cancel Base-Packs and Add-Ons
You can cancel each base-pack and add-on individually with a single click. The add-on then can still be used until the end of the billing period (usually 30 days or until the end of month). For contract term longer than 1 month (e.g. 12 month) then the billing period ends later (e.g. after 12 month after purchase). After the final invoice for this add-on the add-on is CANCELED. Then, the functionality is not available anymore. If all add-ons are canceled, and all invoices are paid, then no further costs will apply.

Cancel Account
If all invoices are paid you can also cancel the whole account.

In this case, all data will be deleted and you cannot login anymore. We recommend to backup everything before.
You always have full control over all stored data in your account. You are the data owner (data ownership). There are several export-functions you can use at any time, to backup your data. In your My-Account area you also find a backup function where you can download a backup as a ZIP-file. You can also automate this ZIP-Backup if you want.
Synesty provides you with all the tools to do everything yourself: e.g. connecting systems, APIs and automating processes. In the Support-area of your account you find many ways to get support like user-manual, cookbooks, forum and knownledge-base.

I have issues setting up a flow. I need support.
If you need individual support and consulting we offer various Services

You can also contact one of our certified partners to get a quote.
As a Implementation-Partner you can gain in-depth knowledge about Synesty Studio and can use it in your own projects or customers. To become a Implementation-Partner you need to do an exam or proof projects you have done for clients in order to get partner-certificate. Contact us for more information.

1 All prices including VAT (19%)
2 Compared to purchasing the same services with single upgrades.
3 The offer only applies to new customers (once per company) who book a paid base-pack for Synesty Studio This booking has to be the first booking. Payout of the offer is not possible. The free 60 minute setup-training has to be used within the first 30 days after booking.
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